ErgoExpo 2015 Webinar – Ergonomics and the Characteristics of Casters: Reducing Workplace Injury

In November 2015, Darcor presented at the National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it now.

Topic: Ergonomics and the Characteristics of Casters: Reducing Workplace Injury
Presented by: Anton Malek, Product Specialist and Application Engineer, Darcor Casters and Wheels

Description: The development of the caster was a significant innovation during the industrial era, when laborers required an easy and effective way of moving heavy loads in various settings. As design and material science progressed throughout the years, we’ve seen new developments in the evolution of the caster, from wheel material, to heavy duty steel rigs, to various bearing options.

Within the constantly growing industrial workplace, the concept of designing ergonomically friendly industrial equipment has become a key focus for leading caster manufacturers. The right caster can improve safety and productivity while reducing the risk of injury. Product Specialist and Applications Engineer, Anton Malek, will guide you through the characteristics of casters, incorporating discussion of wheel materials, floor conditions, operating environment, rig design and push/pull forces.

Session takeaways:
• Discuss the science behind casters
• Explain the effectiveness of casters as a long-term ergonomic mobility solution
• Add new strategies for reducing injuries related to overexertion

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