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About Darcor

In 2016, Darcor Casters and Wheels celebrated 85 years in the caster industry.

Since 1931, Darcor Casters and Wheels has been the world leader in high performance caster solutions—helping companies and organizations in every industry to keep things rolling more easily, safely, quietly, and reliably.

These strengths, which have fostered long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships, are a direct result of our all encompassing commitment to excellence, backed up by exceptional technological and human resources.Specifically, our research and development, design, manufacturing, and testing facilities are second to none. Our people in all functions, from ergonomics to customer service, are unsurpassed in knowledge, dedication, and inspiration.

Across the board, our work has assured that our casters and wheels are the best in the world—based on unbiased and quantifiable testing against those of our competitors—at meeting five fundamental criteria:


We push caster performance to new performance standards by creating new caster and wheel technologies on an ongoing basis.


Our products start, roll and swivel with far less resistance. This directly reduces the human and financial costs of repetitive strain and other on-the-job injuries.

Noise Reduction

Our casters are designed and precision manufactured to be considerably quieter, to cut hearing loss and make the work environment more pleasant.


Our products are essentially unbreakable and require far less maintenance to keep them rolling reliably, making a significant contribution to increased productivity. We design and engineer today for your tomorrow. Darcor casters are built for ergonomic efficiency for the long haul.


Off-the-shelf or custom designed, we deliver the right caster to meet specific user needs and achieve the best possible Darcor Return On Investment (DROI).

Consistent year-over-year growth shows that we are meeting our ambitious goals…and, more importantly, helping to achieve cost-effectively the needs and objectives of our customers.