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What Happened at ProMat 2017?

The 2017 ProMat show in Chicago was the place to be last week for those wanting insight into some of the latest innovations in the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain industries. We’ll give you a rundown of some of the highlights from this year’s show.

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Designing Wheeled Equipment: Purchasing Considerations to Achieve Long-Term Ergonomic and Economic Success

For organizations that rely heavily on wheeled equipment in their day-to-day operations, the purchasing department is tasked with making purchasing decisions that impact the design and handling of equipment. The purchasing department’s main goal is to minimize purchasing costs. This goal can be in direct opposition of other departmental goals.

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Bariatric Care: Ergo-mobility Improves Quality of Life

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment, control and management of obese individuals. The bariatric industry has shown rapid and continued growth as the population gets physically bigger.

As a result, ergonomic considerations come into play to support obese individual to maintain and improve quality of

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Workplace Ergonomics and Your Baby Boomer Workforce

Baby Boomers and Older Gen Xers make up a significant portion of today’s workforce. These groups have an abundance of expertise and knowledge that keeps businesses running at peak performance. The problem for organizations is that these older workers are going to be exiting the workforce, taking their knowledge with

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Don’t Wait for a Workplace Injury – Implement Proactive Ergonomics

Employers worldwide are concerned for the safety and well-being of their employees. Unfortunately, most workplace ergonomics solutions are put into place too late – after employees have sustained workplace injuries. Organizations should be focusing on a proactive approach to combating workplace injuries vs. the reactive approach of trying to solve

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Continuous Improvement vs. Lean Manufacturing

We hear all about Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement and although they might seem to go hand-in-hand, that is not necessarily the case.

By focusing on the bigger picture vs. just the dollars and cents, organizations can miss the bigger vision of their manufacturing environment. Incorporating a focus on company

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