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Caster Technology

Superior wheel and caster technology to enhance workplace ergonomics

Caster technology has been evolving for decades. Companies have been trying to improve the quality of the wheel and the rig itself to enhance performance. One of the biggest challenges when designing a new caster is figuring out where and how it will be used. These two questions are critical to answer correctly in order to get the most out of your caster.

Knowing where your caster is used boils down to the floor type and conditions that the caster will be used in. The wheel material, floor and load capacity all play a key role in the rolling resistance a user will be required to exert. Utilizing casters that were not designed to carry heavy loads, work at high speeds, or roll in certain floor conditions can cause premature failure including brinelling, top plate and swivel head damage, and wheel damage.

Brinelling occurs when the load capacity or the impact loading on the casters causes the ball bearings to dig into the swivel head, making swiveling difficult. If brinelling occurs, it will greatly affect the swiveling forces.

Top plate and swivel head damage occurs when casters go over bumps at a relatively high speed and load, compromising the integrity of the caster by deforming or breaking apart.

Wheel damage occurs in two potential areas: the wheel hub or tread. Damage can happen for a variety of reasons including excessive heat dissipation, which causes a polymer wheel to begin stretching out under load. Another cause for wheel damage is going over large bumps with heavy loads and/or at high speeds which can “chunk out” wheel material.

Darcor casters undergo rigorous testing to study the mechanics of these failures. Our engineers also work to design products with improved wheel and caster technology to withstand the potential causes of these failures.

Working with the engineering team at Darcor will ensure the best wheel is selected for your unique application, which will reduce the risk of these failures occurring.

Let us help you find the right caster technology solution to suit your specific application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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