The Power of Ergonomics for a Safer and More Cost-Efficient Workplace

Discover the Economics of Ergonomics With Our Guide

Overexertion injuries, including those related to pushing and pulling, are the costliest of workplace injuries. It is critical to manage the financial risk of workplace overexertion injuries in the manual material handling industry. It is estimated that organizations can expect to save $457 USD a year per worker by ensuring that push pull peak forces are consistently at an acceptable level.

Typically, companies attempt to prepare for what’s to come, preventing workplace injuries is just smart business. In good times and in challenging times, good ergonomics is good economics. It is important to invest in good ergonomics beyond when it is easy to, in good times, but even more importantly in challenging times, when organizations are often forced to implement budget cuts, downsizing, and restructuring.

That’s why Darcor developed the Economics of Ergonomics Guide: your guide to managing the risk of overexertion occupational injuries during a recession.

Take the proactive step towards a safer and more cost-efficient workplace. Learn the intricacies of:

  1. Acceptable Push/Pull Levels
  2. The Cost of Overexertion Injuries
  3. Causes of Overexertion Injuries
  4. Evaluating Carts and Casters
  5. Cart Maintenance Programs
  6. The ROI of Ergonomics

Download your guide today and empower your business with the knowledge to thrive in any economic climate. Your workforce’s safety and your company’s financial well-being are too important to leave to chance.

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