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Medical Casters

Specially designed medical casters to solve healthcare ergonomic issues.

Close up of male hand operating ultrasound machineMedical casters are an integral part of workplace ergonomics. Darcor’s casters and wheels are specifically designed to effectively integrate into medical equipment to:

  • provide superior ergonomic performance,
  • be non-marking to keep floors clean,
  • reduce excessive noise and
  • reduce shock loading on expensive equipment.

Moving patients and equipment in a medical environment demands casters that deliver the ultimate in safety, dependability, ease of motion, shock dampening, and maneuverability.

Medical casters are specially designed for various applications such as:

  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Mobile X-ray machines
  • Hospital linen carts
  • Anesthesia Carts
  • Medical Monitors
  • Critical Care Carts
  • Operating Room carts
  • IV poles
  • MRIs
  • Beds and more

Here are some positive healthcare ergonomic and cost benefits of well-designed medical casters:

Reduce overexertion injuries and decrease insurance payouts through improved mobility

Darcor’s Neoprene wheels are the wheel of choice for medical equipment. This wheel provides a soft, smooth roll on any floor surface to ensure ease of mobility. Darcor rigorously tests its Neoprene wheel to improve rolling resistance and increase safety. Increased ergonomic mobility means reduced overexertion and decreased risk of injury to the user. This translates to potential savings in insurance payouts due to overexertion-related stress.

Noise reduction to protect employees and provide peaceful environment for patients

In a medical or hospital environment, it is important to transport various medical equipment, devices, and patients throughout the facility as efficiently and quietly as possible. Our soft Neoprene wheel is specifically designed to reduce noise levels at high or low speeds. The soft cushioning of the wheels allows rolling over obstacles with minimum noise and a more comfortable ride.

Equipment protection for reduced damage costs

Medical equipment can be extremely expensive and repairs can be costly and unnecessary. With the right casters, the G-forces of pushing and pulling medical equipment can be significantly reduced which decreases impact loading and prevents damage when rolling over obstacles. Neoprene wheels are ideal medical equipment protection partners.

Non-marking for reduced cleaning and flooring replacement costs

The unique properties of the soft Neoprene wheel include non-marking characteristics which will leave your floors clean and undamaged by the wheel. This is ideal for coated or expensive floor surfaces that experience consistent caster use over time. The result is decreased floor cleaning and replacement costs, which when considering the entire medical facility, can be quite costly.

Non-corrosive to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs

In the healthcare industry, it is critical to keep all aspects of the patients’ experience impeccably clean and contamination-free. Darcor casters can be plated to reduce corrosion and a chrome finish is available for a variety of casters that are used in hospital beds, laundry carts or IV poles that may need to be washed.

Maintenance-free to reduce caster changeover and related expenses

A large proportion of medical equipment, tables, beds and devices require mobility and therefore utilize casters/wheels. By choosing maintenance-free casters, your healthcare environment can offset maintenance costs and the need for frequent caster replacement due to caster failure. Darcor casters are fitted with standard precision sealed bearings and have optional seal caps. This eliminates the need for re-greasing and keeps your healthcare equipment rolling smoothly with virtually no maintenance.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific medical application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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