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Material Handling Casters

Manual material handling tasks present ergonomic challenges.

In most industrial environments, there are significant challenges when it comes to making a materials handling task safe, efficient and cost effective. It is important to consider the following list when designing and creating a material handling task:

  • weight
  • type: raw materials, product, equipment
  • operating conditions
  • material handling cart/equipment design
  • workers
  • length of travel
  • frequency/repetition of material handling task
  • caster/wheel selection and more.

To find out more about how to design the ideal material handling task for your specific application, download the Guide to Workplace Ergonomics.

Here are some positive impacts to optimizing your materials handling ergonomics:

Reduce overexertion injuries and decrease insurance payouts

Material handling casters are specially designed to significantly reduce overexertion injuries. Darcor’s ergonomic wheel, the Solid Elastomer (SE™), reduces push/pull forces significantly compared to conventional urethane wheels on the market.

The low push/pull forces exerted on material handling carts translate to reduction in risk of overexertion injury which is the leading cause of workplace injuries. This is what makes the Solid Elastomer (SE™) wheel a key product to enhance material handling ergonomics and decrease insurance payouts for operator push/pull-related injuries.

Reduce maintenance downtime and increase productivity

Reducing maintenance downtime is accomplished by introducing a high quality caster that will outlast any other in the market. By having a quality caster, catastrophic caster failure is greatly reduced which translates to reduction in downtime for caster replacement.

Darcor’s rigorous endurance test puts its casters through the paces resulting in high performance, above and beyond what other casters can withstand. Darcor’s casters can work effectively even after many cycles of testing and use.

Noise reduction to protect employees

In a material handling environment, employee health and safety is a key priority. A major focus is noise reduction. By choosing the right caster to suit the specific material handling application, noise pollution caused by hard wheels is greatly reduced. Darcor’s soft Neoprene wheels are designed to absorb and reduce noise levels. Neoprene is exceptionally soft yet durable which allows it to be a key player in material handling workplace ergonomics.

Payload protection for reduced damage costs

Darcor casters are rigorously tested, so when mounted to manually-operated material handling carts, they will not break during their lifespan. This provides protection not only to the payload and facility walls, but also to the user. Damage costs are greatly reduced.

Maintenance-free to reduce caster changeover and related expenses

Choosing casters that are virtually maintenance-free reduces caster changeover and related costs. This can be accomplished by implementing casters with self-contained grease in precision sealed bearings and seal caps.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific manual material handling application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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