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Casters for the Hospitality Industry

Help keep customer service levels high with quick and efficient hospitality industry casters

Waiter entering elevator in lobby, pulling food and drinks trolley, side view

The hospitality industry requires quick and efficient movement of catering carts, tables, serving equipment and other small furniture. It is crucial to have casters in place to allow for a smooth ride for the transport of food, beverages and anything else that needs to be moved to achieve optimal hospitality service. In addition, it is important for carts and their casters to be visually appealing and not look like they came off an industrial floor.

Darcor’s Eternity II (E2) and Carpet Master (53) casters allow easy maneuverability on all floor surfaces. The small Neoprene wheels allow for a smooth, effortless ride for a variety of applications including catering and small furniture applications. The E2 and 53 casters have a variety of finishes including chrome and matte black to meet your aesthetic needs.

Better mobility which means decreased overexertion injuries and reduced health and safety expenses

The E2 and 53 casters provide a smooth push or pull when used. They provide easy rolling on carpets, tile, linoleum and terrazzo, which make them ideal for all hospitality applications. By making an easier ride on these floor surfaces, you’re effectively reducing forces to move equipment or furniture and therefore reducing the risk of overexertion and associated workplace injury-related costs.

Caster to cope with the cold or the heat to keep customers serviced well

In the hospitality industry, carts can be stored and/or used in extreme temperature environments to maintain food quality. The CARTWASHABLE™ caster series are equipped with Neoprene wheels that allow effective use in a range of temperatures ranging from -20 to 300 °F. By using casters that are able to cope well in extreme temperature conditions, it prevents caster failure which means you can focus on servicing your customers instead of repairing/replace hospitality cart casters.

Corrosion resistant and impeccably clean casters specifically for hospitality industry applications

In the hospitality industry, it is crucial to keep all aspects of the customers’ experience impeccably clean and sanitary. The chrome finish on the CARTWASHABLE™ casters provide a corrosion-resistant product which means these casters can be used in both outdoor and indoor conditions without the fear of losing quality. Additionally, the Neoprene wheel has a unique characteristic that enables it to reject debris so movement from a dirty to a clean floor is easy and uncontaminated.

Wet environment – no problem with a caster made for it

The chrome finish, the precision sealed bearings and the Neoprene wheel are all designed to be corrosion-resistant. This reduces maintenance downtime and costs due to outdoor or wet environment use.

Non-marking or staining to keep floor replacement costs low

The Neoprene wheel has the distinctive characteristic of not marking any floor surface it’s used on. This is due to its unique material properties.

Virtually maintenance-free to reduce caster replacement costs and keep hospitality carts rolling

All CARTWASHABLE™ casters come standard with precision sealed bearings that require no maintenance once installed. This it because the bearing contains the grease inside. Less maintenance means reduced caster replacement costs and keeps things rolling to allow you to continuously service your customers.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific hospitality industry caster needs. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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