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Floor Cleaning Casters

The right caster can mean less frequent replacement of floor scrubber parts

It can be costly to replace floor cleaning equipment parts. It’s important to consider all of the cost implications of floor cleaning equipment. By choosing the right caster, floor cleaning equipment can be serviced less frequently. The right caster can also mean improved workplace ergonomics and related cost benefits.

Floor cleaning equipment are relatively large, heavy pieces that require increased forces to move around safely and efficiently. Darcor casters and wheels are ergonomically designed to reduce overexertion and make it easy to move the equipment by reducing push/pull and swiveling forces. This in turn, reduces the risk of injury from overexertion.

Chemical Resistant

The wheels will not degrade when used on floors with a variety of detergents and chemicals.

Sealed casters to reduce maintenance

The floor cleaning casters have precision sealed bearings and seal caps for the swivel heads, greatly reduces maintenance downtime associated with casters.

Non-marking for reduced cleaning and flooring replacement costs

The soft Neoprene wheel provides non-marking capability which means no damage is caused by the wheels when rolling on a coated or expensive floor surface.

Better mobility to reduce overexertion injuries and decrease insurance payouts

The ergonomic design of the casters makes it safer and more efficient to move equipment like floor scrubbers. Darcor’s caster design optimizes rig offset to reduce swiveling forces, and wheel material technology (Neoprene and SE™) to reduce the risk of overexertion which can cost upwards of $51,000 per case.

Equipment protection for reduced damage costs

Darcor’s casters undergo rigorous endurance testing that ensures quality and performance for the lifespan of floor cleaning equipment. This means that the quality casters will reduce the probability of equipment failure in the field and reduces the risk of damage and associated costs.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific floor cleaning and floor scrubber parts needs. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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