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Automotive Casters

Choose the right caster to support your automotive industry ergonomic needs.

Automotive industry manufacture line with different metal partsIn the automotive industry, choosing the right automotive casters can significantly impact your bottom line by achieving both increased efficiency and reducing costs.

Darcor provides some of the largest automotive plants globally with high performance ergonomic automotive casters. These casters have a long track record of reducing push/pull and swiveling forces in many automotive plants. Darcor casters provide Ergo Longevity™, which means ergonomic mobility performance does not degrade significantly over time.

Darcor automotive casters can provide the lowest possible rolling forces and towline chatter, capacity requirements of more than a ton per caster, and the ultimate in protection against shock loading and collisions. There are Darcor casters designed for every need and engineered to exceed the highest standard for quality and performance. For the automotive industry, there is no better choice.

Consider these positive impacts to your automotive environment:

Reduce overexertion injuries and decrease insurance payouts

Using the Solid Elastomer (SE™) wheel can significantly decrease the risk of overexertion. Darcor has reduced overexertion injuries significantly for a number of automotive plants around the globe. Not only have Darcor’s wheels saved plant workers’ backs but they have also provided companies with savings as much as $260,000 per year due to the reduction in injuries and production down time.

Maintenance-free to reduce caster changeover and related expenses, lessen maintenance downtime and increase productivity

Because Darcor’s products are virtually failure-proof, they cut maintenance and manufacturing downtime. Due to precision sealed bearings and sealed swivel heads that contain grease over the long term, maintenance downtime and related costs are significantly decreased which means automotive plants can keep production rolling.

Noise reduction to protect employees

Darcor’s soft Neoprene wheels are designed to reduce the noise levels in your work area. The Neoprene allows the wheels to conform and to roll over objects to allow for smooth transportation on the automotive plant floor. As a result, workplace ergonomics is greatly enhanced with noise reduction as your carts are smoothly gliding along your automotive plant floor.

Payload protection for reduced damage costs

Darcor’s rigorous endurance testing determines the strength and reliability of its products. Having a strong caster means less risk of catastrophic failure on the plant floor. This results in improved payload protection and decreased damage costs.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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