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Caster Solutions by Industry

Ideal caster solutions to fit specific applications to enhance workplace ergonomics.

Different industries have different caster solutions and ergonomic needs. Understanding the industry and specific application helps guide your caster solution selection. Workplace ergonomics plays a large role in selecting the right caster solution. At Darcor, we work with customers in a wide variety of industries and understand the specific needs for each setting. As you can imagine, the right caster for a medical setting would be very different from the right caster for an industrial or automotive plant setting . To find out more about how considering your specific industry needs, workplace ergonomics and caster technology can work together to guide you to the right caster solution for your application, click through to your industry below.

Custom Casters Solutions

We have over 1,000 caster products and we can create custom casters to fit your specific needs. Contact us so we can help you choose the right caster for your specific application.

Other Industries

Darcor works with customers in a wide variety of industries to understand the specific needs of each setting. Click on an industry category below for an overview of prominent issues and of Darcor’s strong response to them.