Ergonomic Trends at ErgoExpo2018

The Darcor team just came back from another exciting year at The National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo which was held in late August 2018 in Las Vegas.

As always, there were some great presentations and products to see.

Ergonomists visiting the Darcor booth remarked that they were excited to see a booth focused on ergonomic products specific to industrial environments.

At the Darcor booth, we introduced visitors to our new caster system coming out in the latter half of 2018. It is a positional lock system for casters which allows the operator to engage the lock without bending. The new system features a foot pedal mounted at bottom of cart and is spring-loaded. The pedals can be mounted anywhere on the cart, so it can be positioned in a customized manner to reduce the amount of walking around the cart to find the locking system. The system reduces the need for frequent and repetitive bending, which can be an ergonomic risk. To find out more about Darcor’s new positional lock system, reach out to us and we’ll fill you in.

Also, at the Darcor booth, we had a caster testing chamber containing metal chips and debris. This testing chamber allowed us to demonstrate our casters with neoprene wheels. The demo showed how the neoprene wheels do not pick up debris – they are virtually debris-free (vs. debris-resistant). The testing chamber also allowed us to demonstrate how, despite the debris-laden environment, performance of the casters and wheels does not degrade over time. Ergonomists know that if wheels pick up debris, it reduces performance and ergonomic benefits decline.

We also met Hank Austin from ErgoSquad in San Antonio, Texas. He filled us in on Comfort Zone™, a software tool that streamlines the tracking of ergonomics metrics to ensure consistency in processes and compliance across multiple locations. It collects, stores and reports on data like risk assessment surveys, ergonomic training, communications, etc. Another great option to check out for industrial ergonomics.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate the ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Awards winners for 2018:

PHS West, Inc.Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

  • The Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts by PHS West, Inc. are used to safely transport weights for load testing ceiling lifts. Whether you choose to have a multi-selection weight kit, a single weight, or retrofit your own weights on to our motorized transport cart, PHS West, Inc. has you covered.

WorkCare, Inc.Wearable Ergonomic Assessment (WEA)

  • Work-related aches and pains are largely preventable, but fatigue and overexertion still often result in costly injuries. Unlike traditional evaluation methods based on subjective observation, WorkCare’s Wearable Ergonomic Assessments use advanced technology to objectively determine how a worker’s body reacts to stresses and strains on the job.

Align1 SolutionsMuuv Performance Seating Solution

  • Muuv® by Align1 Solutions is the only chair to blend spinal support and dynamic body movement into one solution. Muuv makes proper posture effortless and inevitable, improving concentration, mood, and wellbeing.

Ergotron, Inc.WorkFIt-TX Sit-Stand Workstation

  • Thoughtfully designed to offer advanced ergonomics out-of-the box, this WorkFit™ adjustable standing desk moves you forward with a new standard in sit-stand. It fits more users with an X-shaped lift that folds close down to your desk to keep the right monitor-to-keyboard-tray spacing. With a height-adjustable, back-tilt keyboard that sits below the worksurface, this ultra-low sit-stand workstation delivers leading ergonomics when sitting and standing.

We hope you had the chance to attend the ErgoExpo this year. Our team always gains valuable insights into ergonomic best practices and trends to inspire us to continue to develop ergonomic-focused products for industrial environments.

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  • Avoidable workplace risks for pushing and pulling tasks
  • Ergonomics of safe pushing and pulling
  • Factors to designing safer pushing and pulling tasks
  • How to choose the right caster to reduce workplace injuries

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