MHI Solutions Recent Issue Focuses on Ergonomic Industrial Cart and Caster Solutions

darcor mhi caster selectionMHI Solutions Magazine recently published an article written by Jean Feingold which focused on ergonomic industrial cart and caster solutions. The article highlights some often overlooked cart and caster ergonomic considerations in the manual material handling industry. Feingold interviewed some leaders in the field of industrial ergonomics including Terry Parmelee of Kinetic Technologies and Lui Dilauro of Darcor Limited, Some of the highlights include:

  • Ergonomic cart design including caster selection, handle design and height, and cart structure
  • Special features to improve workplace ergonomics: special features like a bolt on or welded “riser”
  • Conveyor/roller deck carts designed to interface with fixed conveyor and buffer systems
  • Lift and tilt carts used to optimally position materials for loading and unloading
  • Size and weight considerations for both material handling carts and cart caster
  • Ergonomic caster performance considerations including offset, wheel material, bearing selection, noise concerns, floor/debris and environmental (heat, cold, wet)

This article gives a great perspective for those involved in the manual material handling industry who want to optimize MMH and reduce workplace injuries.

Read the whole article here: Ergonomic Industrial Cart and Caster Solutions, by Jean Feingold, MHI Solutions.

If you are interested in ways to reduce workplace injuries and explore budget considerations for proactive ergonomic programs, download these ergonomics guides:

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