Economics of Ergonomics Guide Now Available to Support Cost Justification for Crucial Ergonomic Solutions

The Economics of Ergonomics Guide is available as a free download to illuminate the financial risk of workplace overexertion injuries

NEWS RELEASE – Toronto, Ontario – March 2018 – Workplace ergonomics thought leader, Darcor Casters and Wheels, is pleased to introduce the Economics of Ergonomics Guide. The free 14-page download will help organizations truly understand the financial risks associated with workplace overexertion injuries and how to assess and reduce that risk by implementing proactive ergonomics programs.

Overexertion injuries, including those related to pushing and pulling, are the costliest of workplace injuries. It is critical to manage the financial risk of workplace overexertion injuries in the manual material handling industry. It is estimated that organizations can expect to save $460 USD a year per worker by ensuring that push pull peak forces are consistently at an acceptable level.

The Economics of Ergonomics Guide covers a variety of crucial areas that all organizations involved in manual material handling should be well-versed on to ensure reduced risk of workplace overexertion injuries and related costs including:

  • Why overexertion injuries are a critical concern for organizations with manual material handling programs
  • The real costs of overexertion injuries
  • Causes of workplace overexertion injuries
  • How to assess and reduce risk
  • Evaluating the safe level of forces for cart movement
  • Testing carts and casters including initial cart design, periodic re-evaluation and cart maintenance programs

The Economics of Ergonomics Guide is geared towards management and operations teams who want to better understand the risks and costs associated with workplace injuries and how they can be proactively reduced.

“The Economics of Ergonomics Guide was developed because we saw that operations teams who wanted to take on a proactive ergonomics stance were struggling to justify the costs associated with implementing workplace ergonomics solutions. We knew that implementing the right ergonomic solutions would mean reductions in workplace injuries which would lead to substantial cost savings, productivity improvements, and improved employee engagement.” said Raymond Simmons, president of Darcor Casters and Wheels “So, the team at Darcor decided to invest in the research and development of this guide to help support cost justification for these crucial ergonomic solutions.”

Those interested in obtaining the Economics of Ergonomics Guide can download the guide for free at the Economics of Ergonomics Guide download page. Interested parties can also contact our caster and cart risk assessment experts with any questions or to arrange for an on-site risk assessment consultation.

“The team at Darcor is passionate about workplace ergonomics and reducing workplace injuries. So, we wanted to develop the Economics of Ergonomics Guide to help those who want to be proactive about their company’s ergonomics.” said Lui Dilauro, Ergonomic Mobility Expert at Darcor. “We constantly strive to lead the industry in focusing on workplace ergonomics and will continue to explore new ways to provide information and guidance to support workplace ergonomic goals.”

About Darcor Casters and Wheels

Darcor Casters and Wheels provides wheel technology that exceeds ergonomic mobility standards. For more than 85 years, Darcor has been the leading global provider of ergonomic caster solutions. Darcor’s superior caster design creates best in class ratings push/pull that support workplace ergonomics with a vision of improving employee health, safety and productivity. Darcor provides caster solutions for industrial, material handling, medical, floor cleaning and entertainment environments. Darcor also creates custom caster solutions engineered to suit unique applications.

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