Highlights from ErgoExpo 2017

ergoexpo 2017The Darcor team has just returned from Las Vegas where we were attending the 2017 National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo, held in late August at Paris in Las Vegas.

Over 1,000 attendees flocked to ErgoExpo to learn more about best practices in building a workplace ergonomics program or improving an existing program. Topics focused on ergonomics combined with productivity and cost-effectiveness. ErgoExpo exhibitors and presenters provided good coverage of a wide range of ergonomic topics with particular emphasis on office, healthcare and industrial ergonomics.

Notable workshops/presentations included:

Reducing Manual Materials Handling Injuries — A Prerequisite for World-Class Safety

Presented by: Jeffrey Hoyle, CPE, Director of Ergonomic Services, and Tim McGlothlin, Executive Director from North Carolina State University: The Ergonomics Center

This workshop focused on:

Lifting. Pushing. Pulling. Holding. Carrying. Each of these manual materials handling (MMH) tasks could lead to overexertion, which is a leading cause of disabling injuries at work — accounting for nearly a quarter of all injuries. Before a company can be truly world-class, it must identify and reduce this MMH challenge. Mr. McGlothlin and Mr. Hoyle explained how to evaluate the effectiveness of potential solutions prior to implementation.

Workshop takeaways:

  • Identify the risk factors and biomechanics that contribute to MMH injuries
  • Use NIOSH and Liberty Mutual guidelines to evaluate and reduce risk factors
  • Apply engineering and administrative controls to reduce the potential of MMH injuries

Manual Materials Handling Strategies and Design for Ergonomic Success

Presented by: Kevin Costello, CPE, President, United States Ergonomics

The workshop focused on:

Designing manual materials handling (MMH) jobs to optimize productivity and reduce ergonomic risks and fatigue is a goal for any warehouse, manufacturing, assembly or healthcare workplace. A thorough understanding of the biomechanics and physiologic principles of proper MMH techniques is necessary to balance work demands. Attendees were given ergonomic specifications and guidelines, as well as simple tools and methods for quantifying and prioritizing MMH risk.

Workshop takeaways:

  • Review techniques for establishing effective work and recovery periods
  • Calculate the effects of heat, humidity and cold on human MMH capacity
  • Identify best practice strategies to enlist employee support and establish a sustainable effort

Over the years, the team at Darcor has felt that the ErgoExpo provides a great opportunity to gain insights into ergonomic best practices and the latest trends.

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge in the area of workplace ergonomics, download The Guide to Workplace Ergonomics which covers a variety of areas to ensure employee health and safety, with specific focus on overexertion injuries that occur in the workplace.

We look forward to seeing you at ErgoExpo 2018!

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