ErgoExpo 2017 – What’s Trending in Ergonomics?

ergoexpo 2017 darcor workplace ergonomicsThe 2017 National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo is quickly approaching. The ErgoExpo is being held  August 22-25, 2017 at Paris in Las Vegas. The Darcor team is looking forward to the exciting speakers and sessions scheduled at the ErgoExpo this year.

Over the past 20+ years, The National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo has grown to become one of the premier ergonomics-focused events in the world. With organizations’ growing focus on safety and workplace ergonomics, the ErgoExpo is a great conference to attend as it brings to light best practices to build an ergonomics program or improve an existing program with productivity and cost-effectiveness in mind.

So, what are the hot topics at the 2017 ErgoExpo? Here are a few things the Darcor team is looking forward to this year:

Five Steps to a Sustainable Ergonomics Improvement Process – Jeff Sanford, Director of Consulting, Humantech. This workshop zeros in on the struggle to establish and maintain continuous improvement in relation to ergonomics programs. Session WS6: August 22 at 1:15 pm, Versailles Room 3-4.

Ergonomics as an Integral Part of Continuous Improvement Strategies – Peter Budnick, CEO, Ergoweb Inc. This session, in the Industrial Ergonomics & Safety track, focuses on ergonomics being at the core of any organization’s continuous improvement efforts. Session IS5: August 24 at 10:45 am, Champagne Room 3-4.

Darcor recently examined continuous improvement concepts in our recent blog: Continuous Improvement vs. Lean Manufacturing.

Reducing Materials Handling Injuries: A Prerequisite for World-Class Safety – Tim McGlothlin, Executive Director and Jeffrey Hoyle, Director of Ergonomic Services, The Ergonomics Center, North Carolina State University. This 1/2 day workshop addresses overexertion injuries related to materials handling (lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, etc.). Participants will leave the workshop with instructional manuals and basic software. Session WS4: August 22 at 9 am, Champagne Room 2.

Manual Materials Handling Strategies and Design for Ergonomic Success – Kevin Costello, President, United States Ergonomics This session speaks to designing manual material handling (MMH) jobs to reduce ergonomic risk and optimize productivity. Session WS9: August 22 at 1:15 pm, Champagne Room 2.

At Darcor, we focus on ergonomic industry trends in the material handling industry:

Prevention Through Design: Ergonomics for Engineers – Jeff Sanford, Director of Consulting, Humantech and Kent Hatcher, Director of Consulting, Humantech This workshop Prevention through Design (PtD), an initiative driven by NIOSH and ASSE. Session MH5: August 24 at 10:45 am, Versailles Room 1-2.

This is another area that the Darcor team feels strongly about – proactive design to prevent workplace injury. Have a read of our blogs posts on this topic:

Industrial Ergonomics: Drive the Job Improvement Process  Kent Hatcher, Director of Consulting, Humantech. This session focuses on the industrial work environment and how to combat the risk of repetitive assembly environments. Session WS8: August 22 at 1:15 pm, Champagne Room 1.

The Darcor team has a particular interest in improving ergonomics in industrial environments. Check out our recent blog posts:

See you at ErgoExpo 2017! Visit Darcor to Learn about Casters’ Impact on Ergonomics

The ErgoExpo provides a great opportunity to meet ergonomics thought leaders and gain their insights into ergonomic best practices and the latest trends.

workplace ergonomics guide darcorAs awareness of ergonomics benefits for organizations continues to grow, many studies and medical papers have been written that support the need to focus on ergonomics as a strategy towards workplace injury prevention and reducing workplace related fatigue. Darcor has contributed to these papers by developing The Guide to Workplace Ergonomics which covers a variety of areas to ensure employee health and safety, with specific focus on overexertion injuries that occur in the workplace.

While you are in Las Vegas, stop by to visit the Darcor team at booth #640. We would be happy to share how casters can significantly impact workplace ergonomics. Ergonomic best-in-class organizations are realizing the long-term ergonomic and financial benefits of implementing “wheel technology that exceeds ergonomic standards” when constructing their carts and material handling equipment.

We look forward to seeing you at ErgoExpo 2017!

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