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Caster Problems: 10 Reasons Casters Fail

Although casters are one of the smaller parts that make up a material handling cart, they play an integral role in how that cart will move efficiently and safely. Also, premature caster failure can impact the company’s bottom line. Caster technology has come a long way in the last several

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Industrial Ergonomics: Best Practices for Cart Management

Manual material handling using carts is a prime example of an occupational push and pull task. Managing the risk associated with pushing, pulling and maneuvering carts in the workplace is a critical component of an industrial ergonomics program.

As most facilities or organizations have fleets of carts, a systematic approach

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Designing Wheeled Equipment: Purchasing Considerations to Achieve Long-Term Ergonomic and Economic Success

For organizations that rely heavily on wheeled equipment in their day-to-day operations, the purchasing department is tasked with making purchasing decisions that impact the design and handling of equipment. The purchasing department’s main goal is to minimize purchasing costs. This goal can be in direct opposition of other departmental goals.

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Ask a Workplace Ergonomics Expert

Questions and Answers about Workplace Ergonomics and its Impact on Organizations

Workplace ergonomics is the interaction of humans and the equipment they use in the workplace. It is crucial to consider workplace ergonomics when designing tasks and equipment to support safety and efficiency in the workplace.

To get a better

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Blueprint to Design Medical Equipment with Operators in Mind

The industry needs to think about improving medical equipment design to support healthcare professional increased patient load. Here are 4 ways to improved medical cart and equipment design and ergonomic mobility. There are a variety of elements to consider in the design of a medical device to increase ergonomic friendliness.

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