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Entertainment Industry - Theatre & Stage Casters

The show must go on! Durable casters to avoid breakdown

Video camera lens - recording show in TV studio - focus on cameraFrom theme park rides to theatrical productions to film & television applications, the show must go on! The harsh reality in the entertainment industry is that your equipment mobility cannot fail. Moving large props, equipment and sets must be done quietly and without marking or damaging the floors. In addition, equipment needs to be moved swiftly and easily with minimum force to keep your stage crew safe and efficient.

All of these factors need to be weighed in when buying casters for your production. Take a look at how durable, non-marking casters can make your stage or set a better environment so that you can get on with the show.

Quiet casters to ensure production is not disrupted

The entertainment industry holds a specific challenge: moving large equipment and sets quietly and efficiently while a production is in progress. The Neoprene wheel is a diverse wheel that will provide a quiet, smooth ride over any floor surface while maintaining a low push/pull force for the user. The Neoprene wheel is ideal for any theatre/set environment that needs to keep things moving quietly so as not to disrupt the show.

Better mobility to support safety and efficiency

The Turtle™ caster is specifically designed to meet the challenges of efficiently moving theatre sets from one location to another safely. It is known as the theatre and stage caster of choice in the industry. The Neoprene and Solid Elastomer (SE™) wheels mounted to the Turtle™ will provide ergonomic performance by reducing push/pull and swivelling forces. This enables better mobility which keeps production moving efficiently and safely for your stage/set crew.

Keep crew safe by reducing overexertion injuries and decreasing insurance payouts

The Turtle™ design provides 360° of free motion of any set or piece of equipment mounted to it which allows the mobility you need while reducing push/pull and swivelling forces required to move it. This reduces the risk of overexertion injuries suffered by your crew and related costs.

Less damage to stage and set floors with non-marking casters means reduced cleaning and flooring replacement costs

The soft, non-marking Neoprene wheel is designed to keep your expensive set floors clean and unmarked. Any debris on the floor is rejected by the tough Neoprene which means debris will not scratch the floor when riding over it. This reduces cleaning and floor repair and replacement costs ultimately reducing your overall show expenses.

Sets and stage equipment are expensive – keep it safe with better mobility

Expensive sets will be kept safe by reducing impact loading when going over bumps or rolling over cables on the floor. The Neoprene wheel quickly conforms to the object in its path which results in a softer ride over bumps or cables. This means it is far less likely for set and stage equipment to tip and cause damage or injury during transport, keeping your crew safe and your costs down.

Maintenance-free to reduce replacement costs and ensure less impact on production

The Turtle™ uses maintenance free casters using precision sealed bearings and sealed swivel heads. This allows for very little to no maintenance since grease is kept sealed within the caster. This means less investment in caster changeover and overall maintenance costs.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific entertainment industry application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will ensure the show goes on.

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