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Industrial Casters

Heavy duty casters to enhance industrial ergonomics

Birds eye view of a typical manufacturing fctoryIndustrial environments have significant ergonomic challenges. The heavier the load, the more critical the contribution of industrial casters to safe, efficient and cost-effective plant operations. Industrial applications require casters that are engineered to dramatically reduce the amount of physical force to move heavy equipment and loads. Industrial casters must be reliable, dependable and make the task of moving heavy equipment and product efficient, cost effective and safe. Darcor provides heavy duty casters that are specifically designed for the automotive and material handling environments.

To find out more about how to design the ideal material handling task for your specific application, download the Guide to Workplace Ergonomics.

Here are some positive impacts to improving your industrial ergonomics:

Reduce overexertion injuries and decrease insurance payouts

By measuring the push/pull forces exerted for a specific load capacity and comparing the percent of population that can push that specific load using the Snook Tables provided by Liberty Mutual, you can gauge the probability that your workers can safely push this cart with the current casters. Darcor casters are specifically designed to maximize the probability of your workforce population being able to push your carts. With easier to push carts used in a material handling environment, companies can help prevent injuries and associated insurance payout costs.

Reduce maintenance downtime and increase productivity

By providing a caster that won’t fail in the field, maintenance downtime is greatly reduced which means production can continue in your plant or warehouse. Darcor casters undergo rigorous endurance testing to measure the lifecycle with a given load capacity, speed and obstacle. Darcor is confident that our casters will outlast any others in the market.

Better mobility to support safety and efficiency

By picking the right caster for the right application, you will be able to move carts safely and efficiently. The Neoprene and Solid Elastomer (SE™) wheels were designed to reduce the push/pull forces to keep a cart moving. Each wheel type is designed to smoothly and efficiently roll on all types of floor surfaces with a given load capacity.

Noise reduction to protect employees

In an industrial environment, companies need to be constantly seeking ways to improve health and safety for their employees. A health and safety area of focus is noise reduction. By choosing the right caster to suit the specific industrial application, noise pollution caused by hard wheels are greatly reduced. The unique Neoprene wheel has unparalleled soft texture, yet tough material properties.

Payload protection for reduced damage costs

Ensuring that carts have high quality and long lasting casters can have a significant impact on keeping your loads and facilities safe and reducing possible damages caused by failed casters. All Darcor casters undergo rigorous endurance testing to decrease the risk of caster failure due to impact loading. Time and time again, Darcor’s wheels have proven to outlast any other caster in the market with similar features.

Maintenance-free to reduce caster changeover and related expenses

The impact and expense of maintenance and caster changeovers are something that companies may not consider when buying casters. However, these expenses can be costly and need to be added to the “real” cost of your casters. Darcor casters come standard with precision sealed bearings which mean no maintenance is required for the wheel bearings. The 400 series product lines come with sealed swivel heads to contain the grease and the 60 series casters have a seal cap option that contains grease within the swivel head. All of this means maintenance is not required to re-grease or swap out new casters which translates to lower overall expenses.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific industrial application. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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