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Food and Freezer Casters

Moving food in plants and warehouses is serious business with crucial industry-specific considerations

frozen sour cherries in sorting and processing machines

Throughout the world, moving food in plants and warehouses requires casters that deliver exceptional safety, mobility, and longevity. The food industry has three important challenges that need to be considered:

  • absolute cleanliness
  • reliable performance in wet conditions
  • dependable performance in extreme-temperature conditions

Having the right casters in this challenging environment supports both productivity and workplace ergonomics:

Better mobility which means decreased overexertion injuries and reduced health and safety expenses

The lowest starting and rolling resistance in the food manufacturing and warehousing industry makes Darcor casters significantly easier to move. The industry’s lowest swiveling force makes our casters easier to turn through even the most clogged corridors. Easily-engaged brake and swivel locks keep loads parked where they’re put.

This advanced caster technology protects your plant employees from overexertion injuries and your income statement from health and safety expenses. It also means improved productivity and efficiency across your plant floor by allowing plant employees to get from point A to point B faster and safer.

Quiet casters to achieve plant floor health and safety best practices

Plant floors can be noisy at the best of times and health and safety is a priority to your business. Help dampen the sound with virtually silent casters that are precision-designed to reduce noise levels in your facility. This can mean another checkmark on your health and safety best practices checklist.

Caster to cope with the cold or the heat to keep production rolling

Food and freezer carts are frequently stored and/or used in extreme temperature environments to maintain food quality. Both Darcor’s Neoprene and Solid Elastomer (SE™) wheels can withstand significant temperature ranges; the Neoprene wheel can be effectively used from -20 to 300° F and the Solid Elastomer from -60 to 230° F. By using food equipment and freezer casters that are able to cope well in extreme temperature conditions, it can prevent caster failure which means you can keep production rolling.

Corrosion resistant and impeccably clean casters specifically for food industry applications

In the food manufacturing industry, it is crucial to keep all aspects faultlessly clean and sanitary. The chrome finish available for Darcor’s product line provides corrosion resistance as well an aesthetically pleasing look. This chrome finish not only allows for corrosion resistance but also means that casters can be easily washed down with a variety of detergents without compromising the caster.

Wet environment – no problem with a caster made for it

Darcor’s casters can withstand the wet environment with the chrome finish. The precision sealed bearings will keep the water out and keep the grease in.

Non-marking or staining to keep floor replacement costs low

The Neoprene wheel has unique non-marking properties combined with a soft tread which will not damage your coated floors. This means you can keep your floor replacement and repair costs low.

Virtually maintenance-free to reduce caster replacement costs and keep production rolling

Precision-sealed bearings, swivel seals, seal caps and sealed swivel heads mean maintenance-free casters to reduce maintenance downtime. Darcor’s casters undergo a rigorous endurance test that tests their lifecycle. Darcor casters can withstand the harshest of impact loads and speeds, reducing the need to replace casters on a regular basis and keeping your production rolling.

Let us help you find the right caster solution to suit your specific food equipment caster needs. We have hundreds of caster designs available to order and can create custom caster solutions that will lead to long-term ROI.

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