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Custom Casters Solutions

Custom caster designed to meet your unique application needs

Looking for a custom caster designed for a specific application but don’t have time to reinvent the wheel?

Chances are very good that we have already developed the solution you need or at least have an important head start on meeting your requirements. Thanks to many years in custom designing casters, we have developed custom caster solutions for a multitude of very unique applications: a revolving restaurant in Toronto, tunneling machines and a popular theme park ride in Florida.

So, we’re ready for anything.

The key to our unsurpassed custom caster design capability?

Our caster design abilities that make us leaders in both off-the-shelf casters and custom casters are:

Our custom caster solutions are designed to meet your specific application and workplace ergonomic needs which means:

  • increased efficiency,
  • reduced production / machine downtime,
  • reduced caster replacement and maintenance,
  • increased safety in the workplace, and
  • better ROI.

Let us work with you to design and create the right caster solution for your needs.

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