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Maintaining Carts for Optimal Push/Pull Forces

Maintaining Carts for Optimal Push/Pull Forces

In North America, limiting the risk of injury while handling carts is commonly done by keeping the operating forces at or below a reference force limit. For example, starting a cart moving shouldn’t require a force more than about 220 newtons (or 50 pounds of force). A good, systematic approach to managing the safety of pushing and pulling carts must ensure that the operating force is within the recommended limits to begin with and then remains there throughout the cart’s working life. Consequently, a manual cart safety program must do more than an initial test of cart operating forces or documenting a purchasing specification for cart push pull forces. Routinely testing carts to ensure that the operating forces are maintained within safe limits is an essential part of managing cart safety. Not to do so means that an operators’ risk exposure is unknown and uncontrolled.

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